Monday, April 15, 2013

By:  Jim Verdonik
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Happy Tax Day everyone!
By the power invested in me as a blogger, I'm declaring April 15 each year Zombie Apocalypse Day.
If you're filing your tax return late, blame it on the Zombies.  The IRS is full of them.

Before online filing became popular, select Post Offices stayed open until mid-night on April 15th and some were crowded with last minute filers.  But that's a bygone era eliminated by the Internet.
Be careful if you're making a pre-midnight run to your local post-office to get an April 15th post-mark.  It will be lonely and dark.

You choose whether you want to take your chances with the Internal Revenue Service or with Zombies tonight when you file your return
To celebrate Zombie Apocalypse Day, all my blogs for April will be about Zombies and your business.

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